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Hog Hunting in SC

“Since 2000, it has been the goal of the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge to provide the Best South Carolina Wild Boar / Wild Hog Hunting”

Hog Hunting in SC is available at the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge on a year-round basis and provides the hunter with a challenging experience that will be remembered well after the hunt. According to a recent article, wild boar / wild hogs in the Savannah River drainage, those found at Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge South Carolina, date back to the mid-1500’s. They are truly wild and are not modern feral farm hogs that have been released into the area for Hog Hunting in SC purposes. However, there is evidence that there has been cross breeding with wild Russian boar that were released on a neighboring 22,800-acre plantation in 1984, which adds to the ferocity as well as the size of the “colonial feral hogs”. Come visit the South Carolina Low Country and pursue wild boar / wild hogs in our beautiful South Carolina lowlands and uplands near the Savannah River.

The Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge provides its guests Hunting in South Carolina with access to 3,000 acres of intensively managed, prime low country habitat and a herd of wild boar / wild hogs which has benefitted from a year-round supplemental feeding program that has been in place since 1985.

In addition, the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge limits the number of hunters to not more than 8 wild boar / hog hunters at one time in order to ensure a quality experience and a high success rate.

Further, Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge insures the success of their clients by targeting only the prime hunting times with a "eleven-day rest periods" between SC hog hunts in order to provide the highest opportunity for success. These rest periods" help to maintain high visibility and success rates that exceed 100%. Specifically, hunter success rates have typically exceeded 150% on three-day hog hunts over the last several years, largely because of the eleven-day rest period scheduled between hunts from January to July.

As an overall result, guests Hunting in South Carolina at the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge can be confident that they are hunting in a game-rich environment where the opportunity for success is the highest and a boar / hog could step out at any moment. In fact, we are so confident that you will have an opportunity to be successful that we offer the following guarantee: “It is our policy to offer another hunt to those who do not have a shooting opportunity at a suitable animal on rifle hunts of three or more days at the non-hunter rate of $150.00 per day on a return visit, if the group of hunters in camp for three-days as a whole does not have a 100% opportunity to harvest a boar/hog.”

South Carolina hog hunting and wild boar hunting may be enjoyed on a hog only hunt year-round, on a combination deer/hog hunt during the South Carolina deer season which runs from August 15 through January 1st or on a combination quail/hog hunt from December 1st – March 15th.. Hunters may take two hogs per day (one per sitting) on a hog-only hunt, two hogs and two deer per day on a combination hunt (one of each per sitting) or one hog and 12 quail per day on a combination quail/hog hunt. The rates for a hog only hunt are $495.00 per day with a two-day minimum, $550 per day for a combination deer/hog hunt with a three-day minimum or $750.00 for a combination quail/hog hunt with two day minimum.

Come enjoy our warm Southern hospitality, an opportunity to relax in a unique setting and an unprecedented opportunity for hunting success.

Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge has been the subject of numerous magazines articles, including those found in Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, Deer & Deer Hunting and Shooting Times as well as television programs such as Cabela's Outdoor Quest with Jay Novachek, Red Arrow Television with Kip Campbell, Bob Redfern Outdoors with Bob Redfern and Just Killin Time with Buck Buchanan and Max Rowe. Checkout some of the video footage from the television shows at the following link: Cedar Knoll Hunting Videos

Hunting Lodge South Carolina – The Hunt Day

You will be awakened one hour before daylight to prepare for the Hog Hunting in SC, eat a continental breakfast and then be driven to your stand right at daylight. The morning hunt lasts for approximately 3 hours and is followed a very nice brunch. Mid-day activities include fishing (bring your bass & bream tackle), billiards, television, conversation or a nap. The afternoon hunt lasts for three hours and is followed by a bountiful dinner. Most hog hunting in SC is done from elevated stands or tower blinds from heights of 12 to 15 feet. However, we also have ground blinds for those who cannot climb. All stands are strategically located throughout our property overlooking feeding stations and /or food plots at a range of 100 to 150 yards upwind. Rifles of .243 minimum caliber are required and should be topped with good, modern, light gathering scopes zeroed at 100 - 200 yards for best success.

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Hunting in South Carolina

Two Days (Arrive Thursday afternoon, Hunt Friday - Saturday, depart Sunday morning) $ 990.00

Three Days (Arrive Wednesday afternoon, Hunt Thursday - Saturday, depart Sunday morning) $ 1485.00


Combination Quail / Hog Hunt:

Two Days (Arrive Thursday afternoon, Hunt Friday - Saturday, depart Sunday morning) $ 1,500.00

Three Days (Arrive Wednesday afternoon, Hunt Thursday - Saturday, depart Sunday morning) $ 2,250.00

Non-Hunters $150.00 per day